Saturday, April 11, 2009

Orange Mocha Frappuccino!

Have you tried this yet? It's delicious. I've always been a Coca-Cola drinker, no not Pepsi, Coke!* Ever since I was a little girl we always had Coke in the house and my entire family loves it. In the past few years I've made the switch to Diet (because hello it's SO much better for you) and now I can say I'm pretty much a DC & Coke Zero addict. Recently I found this delicious new treat.. Diet Cherry Coke! I've always loved Cherry Coke (yum!) and now it comes in diet form! (Thank you DC God's!)

*I'm not sponsored or paid by Coca-Cola. I just love it. But if Coca-Cola would like to sponsor me or give me a job, I would take it. Thank you.

Hope you're having a great Saturday!

P.S. This post has nothing to do with the title, it's just my favorite like from the awesome movie Zoolander and when I was saying Diet Cherry Coca-Cola it made me think of the line. I tried to find it to share it with you on YouTube but apparently my YouTubing (is that a word?) skills suck because I can only find it in German.


  1. I love diet cherry coke too!!! wish they made caffiene free.. i am pregnant and can't have the caffiene!

  2. How could I have missed this!