Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Outfit Of The Day

So I'm totally in lust with all things striped right now.

Especially this incredible Givenchy blazer:

but at $1500 that will never be in the cards for me.

Anthropologie made an adorable knock-off:

I swooped it up to try on but alas, the small was a bit too tight and the medium was way too big.

So instead I ended up with this little number from H&M that doesn't scream knock-off but gives me the striped blazer that I wanted with a $30 price tag. I love it!

blazer - H&M, tshirt - pure & good, jeans - AG Stevies, shoes - target

(don't judge this horrible picture, I'm in a hurry - I promise my next outfitting post will be a bit more professional)

Sunday, June 27, 2010


My weekend's are not exactly what normal peoples weekend's are like. Quite frankly, the weekend is not something I look forward to. Weekends in retail are busy, hard, and tiring.

I love my job, but this was a long weekend.

Thankfully I had this little gal to come home to..

And I'm dreaming of my 3 day holiday weekend (how did I get so lucky?!) vacation to Palm Springs.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

So.. you can come home again?

Anyone listening? Can I just pick this thing up and start over again pretending I didn't stop blogging for 6 months?

well it's my blog and I say I can so.. what's up, we're back!!

My juices are flowing and I want to write again. so.. I should probably start by updating yourself and myself on what's been going on since December.

1. We moved to the beach! (The stress of that move was precisely around the time I stopped blogging because that was apparently too stressful too). Anyway, we now live in a tiny apartment in Venice about 5 blocks from the beach and 2 block's to Santa Monica's Main Street. We absolutely love it here.

2. Christmas happened. We spent some time in Toledo and Chicago with family. For me, it was short but sweet. Then I went back to work.

3. Then, I worked, a lot. I worked.... worked some more... worked a little bit more... and tried to have a little fun in between.

4. I turned 25 and had a housewarming slash birthday party. It was quite fun!

5. I don't know what happened during the months of February, March, and April. It's a blur to me.

6. Oh yea, in April Lauren and Parker got married. It was perfect and lovely. Then, my mom came to visit and we went to wine country and I fell in love with Santa Barbara. Then, we learned that it's the #1 most expensive place to live in the USA. Dreams were crushed.

7. We celebrated our 2 year anniversary on May 10th and a lovely hotel in Redondo Beach. It was so nice to "get away" for a night. We decided we need to get away more often.

8. We got a puppy! A 6 month old llasa apso fur ball , whom we dubbed "Harley". Also known as.. Hara, Harlsworth, little girly, and "NO!"

I think that brings you pretty up to date on the happenings around our little apartment. We're officially obsessed dog owners and only seem to frequent the establishments that allow our little lady to join us. My how the times change..

I'm hoping for a fun, relaxing summer, but fear that work will too often get in the way of that. I think work should be like high school or college. Work hard for 2 semesters then get the summer off! Perhaps I'll write a letter to Obama.. maybe he can work on that next, you know after he cleans up the gulf, ends the war, and fixes the economy!

Here's a picture of the little peanut to tied you over: