Saturday, February 28, 2009

California Bound (Part 2)

This section of the trip could also be called "5 days of Driving." These five days were the number one part of our move out west I was dreading. I dislike diving and sitting, that is not a good thing when 3,000 miles of driving and sitting are ahead of you. We decided the best way to make the time pass was to watch a TV show on DVD. We purchased the first two seasons of 30 Rock and quickly fell in love with the characters. We laughed at Tina and Alec all the way through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico. In the time that we were not laughing we were probably complaining about Penske. We had three flat tires on our truck each of which put us back almost 3 hours. The states mentioned above are very boring, but after many miles of McDonald's breakfasts and Starbucks stops we got to Arizona and saw something new and exciting.. mountains! We planned to stop at The Grand Canyon but decided that would be too difficult and would consist of leaving the truck, removing the car from the trailer, and just way too much work for a canyon. We enjoyed driving through the mountains of Arizona, and finally entered the state of California. About 5 minutes later, we got pulled over by a thirteen year old state highway patrol man. He informed us that in California you may not drive over the speed of 55 if you are pulling a trailer. We told him we were from Ohio, we were clueless, and we were just "like, trying to get to Los Angeles, ya know" and he let us go on our way without a speeding ticket (thank you Mr. Highway Patrol man.) A few hours later we entered the greater Los Angeles area and were welcomed by our first traffic jam. It was a warm welcome and let us know what we were in for. We made our way to Santa Monica at a snails pace and finally exited the freeway and drove down the street to our friend's Matt & Karla's apartment. They welcomed us to LA with hugs and margaritas and we were happy to finally be home.

Friday, February 27, 2009

California Bound (Part 1)

As I sit in my living room in LA listening to the song "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay (which Peter and I consider to be the most epic of songs) I can't help but think of my life (vida) over the past year. 2008 was a year of great change for me, not only did I get married, I began living with a boy for the first time in my life! I gained a new family, and a new set of responsibilities being a WIFE and not just a girlfriend. Peter and I have a lot in common but we are also very different, so the adjustment to "couple-dom" has not been entirely easy. Just when we were beginning to get in the groove of things.. BAM! Peter loses his cozy editing job in Ohio. We were, for lack of a better word, FREAKED OUT. Things like this aren't supposed to happen to you in you first year of marriage, or are they? We allowed ourselves a day or two sulking, crying, and wondering what we were going to do next. We spent days talking about what are real dreams are and wondering if we should really stay in Ohio or if a new town and a new adventure were what was next for us. Obviously, if you've been reading you know that the answer to this question is now clear.. we need to be in a new town, we need to chase our dreams, we need to move! Peter began a frantic job search and with the help of a college acquaintance (who has turned into a great friend to both of us) found a post-production house willing to hire him even during a tough economic time. This was the security we needed as we began the trek out west. With the help of some great friends and our mom's we packed up our apartment into a Penske truck, said goodbye, shed some tears, and we were on our way. We were in the middle of what we thought would be a great adventure, and we were right!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy 24th Birthday to my hubby, Peter!

Peter is one month and 12 days younger than me (jerk!). He is a very talented video-man! Don't ask me what he actually does, because I could never tell you but I know it has a lot to do with movies, final cut, rendering, and computers. Peter is the reason we're in Los Angeles, chasing our dreams and for that I think he's an incredibly brave guy!

These are some of my favorite pictures of Petey:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the beach is on fire!

On Friday we had a bonfire at Dockweiler Beach near El Segundo. It was a nice, fairly warm night, perfect for a fire. We enjoyed hot dogs, s'mores, and some contraband beverages. This is something I definitely want to do again. It was a relaxing and fun way to start the weekend. And seriously, only in LA can you have a fire on the BEACH!

I have some pictures but they are very low-quality since they were taken from my iPhone but I just had to share!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And the Oscar goes to..

I'm sorry to my loyal followers, I've been missing from LaLa Land for a few days! This weekend was my first Oscar Weekend in LA. Minus the annoying traffic problems (does Hollywood Blvd really have to be closed ALL week?! I mean c'mon, people!) it was very exciting to see the red carpet and Mr. Oscar all week!

So Sunday after church (which is located on Hollywood Blvd and offers free parking on Sundays -- a hot commodity in Hwood) we had lunch and decided to venture down the street to the red carpet. We ended up not being able to get very close, but the experience was a cool one. No celeb sightings to speak of at the Oscars, but in the pictures below you can see Mr. Oscar and the red carpet. Also, my stalking buddies Alex and Karla!

I loved the Oscars this year! I was happy with many of the big winners, especially Slumdog Millionaire & Kate Winslet in The Reader. I also really enjoyed the way they presented the best actor/actress nods with the previous winners. Did you enjoy?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weekly Addictions

1. - admit it, you read it too. it's just so dang addictive!

2. reality TV including The Real World, The Bachelor, American Idol, The Hills, The City... wow I'm a mess.

3. One Tree Hill! (enough said - it's embarrassing!)

4. Designer jeans (I am an addict)

5. Forever 21 - it's so cheap it falls apart but most of the things I buy there are so trendy I can only wear them a few times anyway. I feel like I'm 15, but c'mon half of there stuff looks like the REAL thing!

(5 more addictions to come soon!)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vday Weekend Recap

My lovely hubby went out of town for Valentines Day weekend for his yearly "boys ski trip" this may make you gasp but to me, Vday is not really a huge deal. We've never been the type of couple to buy gifts or do anything extra special for Vday. We went out to dinner before he left to spend some time together (and coincidentally celebrate the promotion he received last week- yay Peter!)

Anyway, I didn't want to be all alone for the Hallmark Holiday! So, Christie came to stay with me for the weekend! (her hubby went on the ski trip too!) We enjoyed our girl time and had a very relaxing weekend. We lunched, we shopped, we laid on the couch and watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, it was truly a great time!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day

A V-day love quiz

How long have you been together?
since Fall of 2004, 4 and a half years
How long did you know each other before you started dating?
4 years I think
Who asked who out?
I think Peter, but it was kind of mutual.
How old are each of you?
I am 24 and he will be 24 on Feb 26th!
Whose siblings do/ did you see the most?
neither - we don't have siblings!
Do you have any children together?
What about pets?
soon we will have a puppy, hopefully!
Did you go to the same school?
Are you from the same home town?
we're both from the Toledo area but not the same town
Who is the smartest
It depends on the subject. Technology? Peter all the way!
Who is the most sensitive?
obviously, myself
Where do you eat out most as a couple?
the Farmers Market at the Grove & anywhere there is ice cream or frozen yog
Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?
Jamaica -- and we drove across the country Ohio - Cali
Who does the cooking?
only me
Who is more social?
Who is the neat-freak?
Who is the more stubborn?
Me :)
Who hogs the bed?
I say Peter, but he'll say me!
Who wakes up earlier?
usually me, but lately Peter
Where was your first date?
Big Boy (haha, ew), The Incredibles, and Scrabble with Christie and Bry
Who has the bigger family?
Me, I guess, we have small families
Do you get flowers often?
not often enough!
How do you spend the holidays?
we live very far from family so this christmas was spent alone
Who is more jealous?
How long did it take to get serious?
a few years and a break up
Who eats more?
Peter, have you seen that boy eat?
Who does/ did the laundry?
again, only me, he doesn't even know where the laundry room is and that is NOT a joke
Who’s better with the computer?
Peter, for sure!
Who drives when you are together?
Peter, but sometimes he scares me!

Friday, February 13, 2009


This little girl is amazing. I love her!

More puppies!

I visited a really cool place today. It's called Orange Bone and it's located on Melrose in West Hollywood. Orange Bone is a "puppy store" but it's not your average strip mall puppy store. This store is different! There are all rescued animals, NOT animals from a puppy mill. All the puppies are checked out by vets weekly, fed with organic food, purified water, and simply taken care of . Not only are they wonderful to the pups, but this place is modern and really cool!

There are about 10 different cages where the pups are held and 6 gated areas where you can play with them. There are lots of "designer" pups for really reasonable prices.

You can visit The Orange Bone for more information!

Okay, I promise this is my last post about puppies. That is until we get a puppy, then he/she will be all over this blog!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I hate for this blog to turn into "all puppy, all the time" but it's currently all I think about and all Peter and I discuss.

Anyway, for all you non-MTV watchers out there (gosh, I'm so embarrassing) here's Rob Dyrdek's new puppy, Beefy. He is so cute I just want to eat him up.

Over It

I am completely over:

1. "Octo-mom" She is legit crazy and I really hope people are not giving her money. I think her children should be taken away from her and that is all I will say about that.

2. A-Rod. My lovely husband made me watch almost all of his 30 minute apology the other night and I am OVER. IT.

3. Chris Brown. Idiot.

4. The following words "economy" "bail-out" "billion" "job loss" "foreclosure"

5. Valentines Day

6. Car Chases (everyday. why?)

7. Not having a puppy. (Did anyone see Rob Dyrdek's new show on MTV? He has THE cutest bulldog puppy named Beefy that I have EVER seen.)

(I found this list on another site and I think I may make it a regular occurrence on thee blog!)

Monday, February 9, 2009


On Friday I blogged about the actress in Peter's office. Well, she actually was sick and didn't show up on Friday but I just got word from Peter that she's in the office today and will be meeting with him shortly. I am still so jealous!

Natalie Portman is definitely A-list and Peter is actually going to be WORKING with her today. My hubby is big time people! Now, I just need to find a way to conveniently stop by the office, so that I can meet and become friends with Natalie. I am shameless.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I want a puppy

Have I mentioned on here how much I want a puppy? Since our wedding (actually way before the wedding) I've been begging the Mr. almost daily for a little bundle of puppy joy. We've had lots of different ideas about what kind of dog to get. We're rather bipolar about our dog choices as we love all types of dogs ranging from a tiny white bichon to a huge chocolate lab. The pup we keep going back to is an adorable, tiny but fat, cute but ugly... English Bulldog!

We don't have a puppy yet for several reasons, first and foremost puppies cost money and we don't have enough of that. Second, our apartment complex has rather ridiculous rules (like dogs have to be 9 months old before we have them here) which is NOT going to happen because I want a PUPPY. Not a grown dog, a puppy. And let me tell you, I am ready for a puppy: I'm ready for something to take care of, someone to cuddle with, something to feed, and even to pick up poop! (I know what you're thinking, you have a husband, don't you already do all those things?! I kid. I kid.)

Friday, February 6, 2009


Today I am very jealous of my husband.

He works at a post-production company in Burbank called Max-Q. It's a pretty small place but they do lots of cool projects. I don't think I'm allowed to say much about what he does there, but I do know that I'm jealous because a very famous actress is going to be in his office all day today.

I'll leave the guessing up to you, and tomorrow I will let you know the name of this mystery actress. Let the guessing games begin!

P.S. no cheating, if you know, don't ruin it for everyone else!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


It's time for your friendly neighborhood celeb stalker to update you on her most recent celebs!

It's actually been a pretty boring as far as celeb sightings go recently, I haven't seen very many, but I also have not been doing much stalking. Except for a few nights ago when Peter and I randomly decided to walk to CVS at 9:00 pm because I needed medicine for my canker sore. (TMI?) As we were walking to CVS we passed Whole Foods which is the mecca for celebs grocery shopping. (Something about ridiculously overpriced foods must really get them going?) I mentioned to Peter "keep a look out, this is where they all shop." We passed the WF (I'm on a nickname basis) walked into CVS and who was the first person I spotted...

Only one of the best looking men on TV and my favorite actor from my favorite show... DAVE ANNABLE! If you don't watch Brother's & Sisters you may not even know who this handsome man is but let me tell you, he is even better looking in person. I really wanted to say hi but he was busy at the counter with his gorgeous girlfriend who looked kind of scary. Peter also commented that my face turned bright red and I was basically panting like a dog (ew!)

(How cute is that dog in the picture with Dave, we want an english bulldog so badly!)

I'll be sure to alert my loyal readers of my next celeb sighting. And I apologize if this was disappointing for all you non-B&S watchers out there.

P.S. (Did you notice I used parenthesis a lot in this post?)

P.P.S. Peter has seen a lot of random celebs lately just walking around, maybe I'll let him guest post if he's interested?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

san fran weekend review

Remember watching Full House? Well, I do, it was my favorite show as a child, so visiting San Francisco was sort of a a childhood dream come true! If only I was 10 years old and I could search for the Tanners. But alas, I'm an adult and I was visiting family, not stalking Full House filming locations (darn it!)

As you can see below we did lots of fun touristy activities...

We visited the seals at Fisherman s Wharf, rode a cable car, explored Chinatown (bought some "designer" goods), had a delicious dinner at the swanky Asia De Cuba at the trendy Clift Hotel, explored my cousins restaurant Roy's Hawaiian Fusion, and had an all around great weekend.

Monday, February 2, 2009


I have a good friend named Matt. We've been good friends for a very long time now and coincidentally (sort of) both live in LA now. He likes to read my blog and at first I thought he was making fun of me, but now I'm flattered. Every time we do something together he asks, "Are you going to blog about this?" I've come to the conclusion that Matt would really like to be featured on my blog. I'm suffering from a bit of writers block and no desire to upload pictures so today, here's to you Matt, have a great day :)