Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Help Me Plan A Trip

Our one year anniversary (has it really been a year!?) is coming up next month. I am very excited to celebrate and get over the one year hump. On that note, we are looking to do something very inexpensive (and I mean, VERY) for our anniversary weekend. We obviously live in California so there has to be millions of fun, inexpensive, getaways for couples but I don't know any. We're willing to travel and would love to drive up the PCH but I can't find anything that's very reasonable for us. Has anyone ever done Priceline successfully? I'm nervous to try it!

So I need advice! Have you ever done anything fun and cheap in California? Comment or email me ali.in.lalaland@gmail.com

These are our puppy dog faces saying, puh-puh-puh please help!

1 comment:

  1. dan and have never used priceline in cali... but we have used it else where and it is awsome! works everytime.. dont know exactly but know general area where you are staying but what kind of place you are and it is great!! our bro and sis in law use it even more than us ... they are the one that reccommed to us!! have fun! good luck!