Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lauren in LaLa Land

My first guest blogger is my wonderful friend & blogger Lauren, thanks for sharing Lo!

holla from la-la-land! this is lauren, one of ali's buddies out here on the west coast, and let me just say i'm thrilled for my debut as a guest blogger! what an honor :) since ali's delightful blog is about all the excitement of living in this great entertainment city, i figured i'd follow suit and write about a fun, uniquely LA experience. so here goes...

as i'm sure most of you have read on here before, our lovely church (see ecclesia @ is in the heart of hollywood, right on hollywood boulevard, which was definitely weird at first. now it's equally weird how accustomed to it we've become. passing people dressed as spiderman, tinkerbell, and darth maul every sunday morning is no longer unusual...weird. aaanyway! it's not even unusual to see celebrities (as i know you're also used to here on al's blog!) around town and at church. this past sunday, i handed out church bulletins to both tony hale (an ecclesia regular) and to kristen bell (heroes, forgetting sarah marshall, veronica mars). where else can you do that!?

here's kristen in all her cuteness. she was just as adorable person--no makeup, bundled in funky layered clothes, and all of about 5'1"!! she was teeny tiny, of course!!

and, here's tony (aka buster bluth):

and, i just had to include this additional pic of tony hale, a) because i think it's hilarious and b) i just watched this episode of arrested development last night, and it was legit (**i highly recommend this show**).

i knooow they're just normal people, and i'm even out here pursuing acting, so i promise i never act weird around celebs, but it's still exciting and fun to see them!! i especially like knowing that they are at church. tony always seems to be the nicest guy, and he's one of our elders. it makes me happy that actors can stay grounded in this crazy industry. hooray, there's hope for the world!! you should come out for a visit and do some celeb-spotting of your own!

anyway, it's been fun writing--hope this was a fun quick read while ali is away, and maybe we'll meet again soon!


  1. Oooh! KB is one of our clients! She's super tiny and super sweet!

    I love these celeb sighting posts!!!