Thursday, April 9, 2009

Disaster's and Ugg Boots

Have you ever noticed that when you're out of town everything goes wrong? That's how I felt this week when I was in Ohio and my darling hubby was left home alone in LA. Peter had a bowling night with his company on Thursday, he came home got in bed and heard a strange dripping noise. He got up to check it out and found that water was pouring all over our clothes closet in our bedroom (OMG). He removed everything from the closet and hung it out to dry, called the maintenance department and went to sleep. Keep in mind that this happened around midnight LA time which would be 3 AM Eastern time so he didn't bother me with a phone call. The next day I get a phone call from a LA area code and immediately answer hoping it's some wonderful company offering me a great job with tons of money sadly it's not, it's our apartment complex maitenance man (M.M.) asking for permission to enter our unit to fix the water leak. At this point, I'm all "what water leak are you talking about" and M.M. says "I don't know, we got a request to fix a leak in your closet." So I let the dear M.M. into the apartment and immediately ring my darling Peter.. "um, hi babe, what's leaking in my closet??"

Long story short, the hot water pipe burst in our clothes closet! Did you know hot water pipes burst in southern california when it's 75 degrees everyday? No? Neither did I. I'm home everyday but of course the pipe would burst when I'm out of town for five days! Of course! None of my clothes ended up being too ruined except for my precious Uggs which I will be making a claim about to the complex and hopefully recieving some $$. I also need them to foot the bill for the dry cleaners that I will certainly be attending soon. Kudos to my hubby who took care of everything while I was away!


  1. Ali,
    This exact same thing happened to me last week at 3 a.m. and the maintenence guy didn't call just walked in my apartment at 3 a.m. I didn't know what was wrong??? I freaked out and thought a killer/rapist was coming into my apt. but just so happens out water pump was flooding the person downstairs apt. I feel your pain :(
    Hope you guys are doing great in LA!!

  2. What an ordeal! Doesn't it make you extremely happy to know that your hubby was able to handle it all? you're a lucky girl cos some guys just don't know what to do! hahaha.
    Hope jobs start coming your way!

  3. It's bad enough to have a leak, but the closet is the worst place for it. Hope none of you clothes were ruined!!