Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Open Letters

Dear Blog,

Contrary to popular belief, I did not forget about you. I've been a very busy girl with little time to do much of anything. I haven't been to the grocery store or done laundry in weeks, let alone have time to write some blog posts. Please know, my dear, I'll be back soon with tons of excitement. (I even traveled up north to do some hardcore camping and hiking!) Please stick with me, blog, I promise I still love you.

All my love,
Ali in LaLa Land

Dear Job,

You are taking over my life. I'm tired. Retail is hard work. I need new shoes.

Ali in Job Land

Dear Fall,

Today is apparently the first day of you, but it's almost 100 degrees outside. I know I bragged a lot when it was warm in the winter, but I'm ready for some cooler weather already. I'd like to pull out my boots and sweaters again.

Ali in Summer Land

Friday, September 11, 2009

Weekend Plans

I am so excited, we have so many fun things planned, including my mom visiting LaLa Land for the weekend! We're planning a trip to the Getty Center, the beach, a hike, a college football party, and the Dave Matthews Band concert on Sunday! Whew! Mom's going to leave exhausted.

On Saturday our beloved Buckeyes..

Are playing the team from my new city..

I'm sorry Southern California, on game day I don't love you quite as much... GO BUCKEYES!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Girl's Guide to Movies

Ok, so I had some requests to review Taking Woodstock and I thought I better do that before the weekend comes and you're trying to decide what movie to see and you're cursing Ali in LaLa Land for not reviewing any movies this week. (Ok, that's a stretch, you probably won't do that.)

Moving on.. I don't know if everyone will like this movie. I thought it was a little slow but overall it was good. The relationship between the family at the center of the movie is funny and endearing. I definitely enjoyed that. I also enjoyed the main character and his quest to take care of his family but still have a good life.

The Good: Awesome description of the actual Woodstock, I hope that if I was a young person living then I would have been there. It looked like a great (albeit crazy) time!

The Bad: It was slow, at some points it was just going along too long and I was thinking "wrap it up!"

The Ugly: If you have sensitive eye's you may not enjoy the nudity or the drug scenes.

If I were you, I'd probably wait until it comes out on DVD.

Girl's Grade: C
Boy's Grade: C+

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday Morning Ramblings

  • I'm fairly certain that if Peter didn't beg for meals 2-4 times a day I could (and would) sustain myself on wheat thins, cheese, diet coke, and dill pickles. I'd also probably enjoy some sushi, wine, and chocolate chip cookies from time to time. But alas, I have a hungry husband who apparently needs more than just cheese and crackers from me.

  • I went to Target on Sunday (note to self: never go to Target on a Sunday again, holy crowdedness) and only spent $10. I think that's a first.

  • On said trip to Target I spent some time in the greeting card aisle trying to pick out a few cards. I was really disappointing in the selection and left empty-handed. Can we please get a little less corny, card makers?
  • We saw two movies on our Friday "double dip" movie night. First, "Taking Woodstock" then "Extract" I'm conducting a very unofficial poll to see which one you'd like to see a review of first. Please comment your answer. I know how much you all look forward to my movie reviews since I'm such a great critic (again with the sarcasm here).

Thursday, September 3, 2009


This is the worst title for a blog I've ever seen. Also, I've come to the conclusion that I need to start doing some cooler things so I have something to blog about.

I'm sure by now you've all heard about the fire's in the La Canada area of Los Angeles. No need to worry, about the fires affecting our home, nor are they anywhere close to us, we're very safe here in the city.

While we're safe, it's very very very hot out and the air is very smokey. I've never experienced anything like this!

We have air conditioning in the living room of our apartment and since we're on the first floor, we don't have a great breeze coming through our windows. For the past few nights our living room couch has become our bedroom. It feels like a sleepover every night!

On Saturday there was a huge billowing smoke cloud in the air all day and that night we were able to see the fire's burning from our friend's roof all the way in Venice! Below is a picture of the smoke clouds I took with my cellphone.

While I write this rather lightly, I'm not forgetting about the families that are being personally affected by the fires and have lost their homes. We are and will continue to be praying for them, and I hope you will to.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I'm admittedly not the sportiest or most athletic girl on the planet. I also didn't know anything about sports until a certain guy with a certain sports obsession came into my life several years ago.

With that being said, another reason I'm excited for fall is the return of college football! (I'm not a huge fan of the NFL, although I end up knowing a lot about it due to the guy mentioned above and his tendencies to talk to me about fantasy football every Sunday. It's a real joy, folks.)

We'll be rooting for our beloved Ohio State Buckeyes all the way from California. No, we will NEVER be Trojans fans, never ever. This house will always bleed scarlet & gray.

What's your college football team?