Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm burnin' up for you baby

I quote a classic (HA) from the Jonas Brother's in my title beacuse it is very hot out today and I'm literally burning up. Apparently, this is un-seasonable for southern California in April but I can't really comment on that since I've only lived here for about five months. My car thermometer is not the most accurate "weather reader" but it just said it was 108 degree's in the parking lot of Trader Joe's. My weather widget says 98 degrees and says that it's 100 degree's in my zipcode. I'm going to find the mean and say it's 102 degrees right now in Los Angeles. (Was that too much math in one sentence? I think so.. my apologies!) By golly, folks, it's hot out and I kinda like it..

Let me explain to all you mid-westerners/southerners/Floridians 102 degrees in California is different than 102 degrees where you live. There is not humidty people! It's strange, it's definitly hot out, and when you go outside it's hot but you're not sticky and frizzy and all around uncomfortable because there's no humidty! For a curly (read: frizzy) haired girl like myself, this is a great thing!

I've been to the beach three days in a row. I could get used to this..


  1. I'm so impressed with your math skills. 102 average temperature is hot no matter where you live! But it sure would be nice to be hot and not humid.

  2. Agreed! Even though I live by the beach, I get no cross-breeze in my air-condition-less apartment... so it was a tad uncomfortable. But it sure beats the humidity I'm used to back home in Cincinnati!!

  3. It sure was hot yesterday and today is going to be even worse!!!
    I miss living by the beach!