Saturday, April 18, 2009


Almost a month ago we attended the world famous, ultra exclusive Magic Catle. The Magic Castle is a private club. You must be a member or have a guest card from a member to gain admittance. How did we get so lucky, you ask? Well, Peter's boss is a member and a magician! He invited us to come for the night, and it was truly, magical!

The castle (which is more like a huge old mansion) sits above Hollywood. There is a strictly enforced dress code which means - suit & tie for the boys (my hubby looked so handsome) and cocktail dress for the ladies (what fun!) I loved dressing up for the night and felt very elegant and special to be attending the club. We saw several magicians and explored the many rooms of the magic castle. And let me tell you, these magicians are amazing. They did card tricks that I have been thinking about for weeks and just can not figure out how they did it! There's even a ghost that plays the piano and if you tip her she'll play you any song you want.. We chose "Hang On Sloopy" to represent for our Ohio State Buckeyes.

Can you believe that there's a Magic Castle in Hollywood? Neither can I! Oh the things that you can find in the this city!


  1. How fun!!! Oh that would be awesome to go to.

  2. wow, I want to go there.I love unique places like that.