Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm Baaaaack

My readers (read: my mom) has been complaining about my lack of blog posts. I just wanted to post that I'm alive and well and I will blog again tomorrow. I think I have a case of the writers block or the posting blah's or something along those lines. So I'll leave you with some thoughts..

1. I'm over the Bachelor drama.

2. I love American Idol this season and I'm excited to know who the top 12 are THIS week!

3. On that note, I really want to figure out where they all (read:Kris Allen) hang out and find it!

4. Our good friends Nick & Shannon are coming this weekend and I'm very excited.

5. We went to The Getty Museum on Saturday and it was amazing

6. Saturday night Peter caught on fire (don't worry, he's okay, it's a great story though!)

More on these topics later this week. (Sorry Mom!)


  1. Not just your Mom! I need to know the fire story immediately.

  2. I'm so glad you're back. I miss the musings of Ali in La La Land and With this Nest when you two have the blogger blues. I agree with Darci - tell the story of Peter on fire! P.S. - do you remember when Sassy the cat caught on fire?

  3. Have fun with Nick and Shannon!! :)