Friday, March 13, 2009

Girl's Guide to Movies

I see a lot of movies with Peter. So I decided I'm going to start a new "segment" if you will on the blog. The first movie I'm going to review is one I saw last Sunday, "The Watchmen." I didn't have big expectations going into this movie. I usually enjoy the superhero movies (i.e. Spiderman, Iron Man, Dark Knight) so I thought I'd feel similar about The Watchmen. Peter gave me a quick re-cap that it's basically about real people that are act as superhero's. Other than the big naked blue guy (that's what I'll call him) none of them had any real super powers other than being good at fighting. The first scene is a musical montage introducing you to the Watchmen through the years was pretty awesome, I really enjoyed this part. The next 2 hours of the film, I did not enjoy quite as much. The love story between Ms. Jupiter and the big naked blue guy was awkward. And I mean, c'mon, does he really have to be naked? I never really understood who killed who and why. There was so much gore, parts that I wouldn't even want to type because thinking of it makes me queasy! Peter tells me this is a graphic novel so it's supposed to be kind of ridiculous, but it was too much! This was definitely my least favorite super hero movie of them all and doesn't compare to the ones I mentioned before.

Girl's Grade: D
Boy's Grade (courtesy of Peter): B-


  1. I completely agree. I like comics a lot but I didn't think I would care for this cos the book sucked, hahaha. The opening was really really good and the rest of it was a total waste of time. My guy friends hated it too. Everyone just felt totally awkward thru the whole thing... it was awful.

  2. Shannon: D
    Nick: C

  3. Ozymandias killed the Comedian to distract the rest of the Watchmen from his plan. Which was to cause a disaster large enough to shock the US and Russia into peace and avoid nuclear war.
    C'mon its not rocket science.

    - Bill
    PS - Read the book. It's a classic.

  4. Steve is really pumped to see it, he's grown up reading and enjoying graphic novels. I on the other hand... not so pumped! And now after your lovely review, I think I can convince Steve to go see it with a friend of his and without me :)