Monday, March 30, 2009

Over It

1. The maintenance department at our apartment complex charging $7.50 for a light bulb that you can only get through them. Ridiculous.

2. Octo-Mom. I'm still over this, but it's still on the news almost every day.

3. Having to wear a coat when I go home this week. A coat?! Socks?! What is that?!

4. Job-searching. Nothing else needs to be said.

On a side (and more positive) note, I'm excited to go home this week and see my best girlfriends. Here is a really old picture of us from college spring break at my mom's house in Florida.


  1. Ali $7.50 for a Light Bulb...U should have been used to that from the Beech....PS I really like your blog!!

  2. its not that cold.. yesteraday it was 50! hehe yay for lisa wedding!

  3. Oh, I miss the spring breakers!