Wednesday, March 4, 2009


We had a pretty crazy Friday night (Peter's birthday party) then Saturday we spent the entire day at the Getty Museum (more on that later) so Saturday night we were pretty spent and decided to stay in and have a few friends over for a cook-out. We have a brand new charcoal grill (thanks Matt & Jake!) that the boys went out to light. The boys congregated outside while Karla and I chatted on the couch. A few minutes went by when we heard a.. BAM! CRASH! Then some nervous laughter coming from all the boys. Karla and I weren't sure what happened so we ventured out to the back porch where I found my husband had been scorched by the fire.

Apparently, he opened the grill and at that time came shooting out onto Peter's hair, face, and right arm! He was pretty shaken up about it, and luckily not badly burned. After I realized that he was okay we all got a good laugh about Peter being burned by the grill. I don't know if he'll be cooking out any time too soon.

He's probably going to be pretty embarrassed that I shared this story, so I'll apologize in advance.. sorry!


  1. for the record, that apology was in no way "in advance".

  2. That same thing happened to my friend Neil at our Pirate Party last September! Only just his hair got singed, no limbs. But it was the biggest fireball I've ever seen! Glad Peter's ok!

  3. What came shooting out of the grill?