Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's A Brand New Day

I am the type of girl that can listen to a song and it can change my whole day. This song, by Joshua Radin, has that effect on me. It just makes me happy! Listen & enjoy.

On a completely different note, is anyone else watching Dancing With The Stars? We mostly watch it because Peter has a crush on Julianne Hough and we saw her a few weeks ago at The Grove (of course!) It's okay that he has a crush on Julianne because he's very aware of my crush on Kris Allen. Has anyone ever seen the friend's episode where they discuss having a celebrity "top five"? Yea, we go by those rules.


  1. I love dancing with the stars!! I absolutley love it!

  2. I heart, heart, heart this song! So good! And I agree it totally changes my outlook on the day!