Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Little Miss Sunshine

Have I mentioned my love for all things yellow? I used to be a pink girl all the way, but recently I've adopted yellow as my personal favorite. Anything yellow, I have to have it! Especially darkish yellow, also called mimosa. Did you know that every year there is a "color of year" and guess what this year's color is.. YES! It's mimosa!

Lately, almost everything I want to buy is yellow. Like the dress above from J.Crew.. yes, please!

Or this adorable top from Forever 21.

Ah yes, yellow, you inspire me and you make me happy. If any husbands* are reading this and thinking about a gift for their darling wife**, think mimosa.

*a.k.a. Peter
**a.k.a. Ali


  1. I don't think peter is reading today.

  2. Oh me too, love the mimosa almost as much as green.