Saturday, February 28, 2009

California Bound (Part 2)

This section of the trip could also be called "5 days of Driving." These five days were the number one part of our move out west I was dreading. I dislike diving and sitting, that is not a good thing when 3,000 miles of driving and sitting are ahead of you. We decided the best way to make the time pass was to watch a TV show on DVD. We purchased the first two seasons of 30 Rock and quickly fell in love with the characters. We laughed at Tina and Alec all the way through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico. In the time that we were not laughing we were probably complaining about Penske. We had three flat tires on our truck each of which put us back almost 3 hours. The states mentioned above are very boring, but after many miles of McDonald's breakfasts and Starbucks stops we got to Arizona and saw something new and exciting.. mountains! We planned to stop at The Grand Canyon but decided that would be too difficult and would consist of leaving the truck, removing the car from the trailer, and just way too much work for a canyon. We enjoyed driving through the mountains of Arizona, and finally entered the state of California. About 5 minutes later, we got pulled over by a thirteen year old state highway patrol man. He informed us that in California you may not drive over the speed of 55 if you are pulling a trailer. We told him we were from Ohio, we were clueless, and we were just "like, trying to get to Los Angeles, ya know" and he let us go on our way without a speeding ticket (thank you Mr. Highway Patrol man.) A few hours later we entered the greater Los Angeles area and were welcomed by our first traffic jam. It was a warm welcome and let us know what we were in for. We made our way to Santa Monica at a snails pace and finally exited the freeway and drove down the street to our friend's Matt & Karla's apartment. They welcomed us to LA with hugs and margaritas and we were happy to finally be home.

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  1. Ali, Thanks for the encouragement for the blog. I love your blog. I read it religiously. Bloggin is pretty much the coolest thing ever. It is like the highend version of facebook.