Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Idol's and Ryan

Ok, now comes the time on the blog where I profess my love for the reality TV show of the moment. A month or so ago it was the Bachelor and now that it's over I've moved my little heart on to.. American Idol! I've been watching it all along but now is when it get's good and I get really into the contestants and start to fall in love.

First, let me just tell you all that I have an intense dislike for Paula on Idol. I loved her in the mid-nineties, I mean who can forget the video with the animated cat? But truly, her Idol days are just plain awful, I don't know what kinds of drugs/alcohol/whatever this woman is on but I wish she'd just stay quiet during the show. We have a tendency to fast forward when she's talking at the LaLaLand house.

Moving on.. last night's show was Country Night which usually is, awful, but I thought a few of the singers really did great. My favorite Idol this year is Kris Allen because I might (and when I say might I mean I definitely do) have a huge crush on him, I'm pretty sure Peter is sick of hearing me gush over him whenever he's on screen. Last night I might or might not have yelled at him for fast-forwarding when Kris was talking to Ryan. Oops.

I liked Megan's performance and I all around love her voice and her look, but is it just me or was her last name Corkey last week and this week it's Joy, um.. ok. I also think Anoop did amazing. Last week was terrible and I thought he would for sure get kicked off, but his song was, in the words of Randy, "off the chain dawg!" Peter's favorite is Matt Giraud and last night he did amazing too, he really reminds me of Justin Timberlake so I obviously love him!

Ok, one more thing.. I love Ryan. If he had a show called Ryan's BFF I would try out for it. I really would like to be friends with him. That's all folks.


  1. I love Kris too!!! I commented on someone else's blog that he shouldn't have gotten married so young cos when he meets me he's going to regret it! hah! I love him!!!

  2. I think Kris is soo cute too! I think he will do well in the competition, or at least I hope he does so we can see him every week haha