Monday, May 25, 2009

Memoralizing Memorial Day

It was a great Memorial Day in LaLa Land! I had to work all day/night Saturday which isn't exactly the way I wanted to spend my memorial day weekend, but Sunday and Monday made up for it! We enjoyed a cook-out at an AMAZING beach house where a friend was dog-sitting. If only I could live in a beautiful beach-front house.. if only.. I wish.. someday. Anyway, moving on, it was fun and made me feel like summer is definitely on the way. I'm ready for warm summer nights though, it's still so chilly here at night!

Monday, Peter and I went to the beautiful Griffith Park! Griffith is basically LA's version of Central Park except that it's on a gigantic mountain. We enjoyed a picnic lunch in the grass and then took in the sights, and my what a view! The pictures will speak for themselves.

I love all the cool and free things we can do in Los Angeles. I really enjoy my city!

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  1. YAY! Isn't LA the best?!

    Can't wait to meet you and do fun stuff in the city together!