Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dear American Idol,

While working on my wedding posts, I have some thoughts about American Idol. These are mad thoughts, so be prepared. If you don't watch Idol you have permission to skip this post.

Adam Lambert - your pants are too tight.

American Idol - you are rigging the winner this year, it's completely obvious and I'm not happy. Here's why I think this - Rock genre this late in the game? "Two seasoned rock stars" Adam and Allison were made for this night which I think is completely unfair for Kris and Danny. In other genre's like country and disco they could take a song and sing it more how they want to in their own genre (i.e. Kris changing his songs to sound more Jason Mraz/poppy) but with this rock genre they weren't really at liberty to do this. They had to act like rock stars which clearly they are not!

Kris Allen - I still love you and you do not deserve to go home tonight, but sadly I think you might.

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