Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weekly Mind Dump

1. I've been a bad blogger recently folks. I can blame it on lots of things.. work, nothing to say, writers block, the a-a-a-a-alcohol (haha, thank you Jamie Foxx) but mostly I'm just being lazy! There's always something to write about in blog world, right?

2. On to point number two.. I've heard people talk about "June Gloom" and I was all "yea right, it's always sunny in El Lay" but hello! I was wrong. June is certainly very gloomy, it reminds me of a certain state that starts with an O and ends with hio. I need to know, So Cal girls, when does summer get here?!

3. Lately, I've had the bug to be crafty. My friend and I created a cardigan out of an over-sized cotton shirt (so cute!), used old picture frames to make earring holders, and plan to buy some canvas to paint artwork for our houses. I'm like a regular Martha Stewart over here. (I'll provide some pictures and maybe some easy shmeasy tutorials of my creations in the next few days!)

4. Peter and I are going to a free screening of the indie romantic comedy "500 Days of Summer" tonight. I'm super excited because the film looks so cute. I'll provide a full review tomorrow. For now, here's the trailer for your viewing pleasure..


  1. Um, I'm totally in love with that movie trailer! Can't wait to read your review, and to go see it! Indie films are the best.

  2. not the same without you ...