Monday, June 29, 2009

A Bicycle Built For Two

I fell in love with Newport Beach this weekend.

Newport is in Orange County and it took us about an hour to get there from our house. It's so beautiful!! There are tons of beach houses (which we will rent someday) bikes everywhere, a path along the ocean and another path along the bay which is filled with more beautiful homes and tons of boats. I am such a beach/boat/water girl, this was my paradise. We visited Newport with our best friends and we even had cheap Mexican for dinner which is my absolute favorite type of food.

After dinner we were walking to the pier when we stumbled upon a bike shop that was offering $5 rides for the last 30ish minutes of the day. What a great deal! Heck yes we'll ride your bikes for $5! So we decided to get tandem bikes, and it was so fun. Our bike was even equipped with a horn perfect for honking at everyone we passed. We biked down the beach, the pier, and in the bay. (This is the point where I fall deeply in love with Newport Beach.) It was a very fun, impromptu ride around the city.

We ended the night at an great beach bar called the Balboa Saloon where they were playing awesome jukebox music. I officially want to move to Newport someday (or at least visit it all the time and rent beach houses every summer), who's with me?


  1. I LOVE everything about Newport Beach, except for the fact that itz in the OC, hahaha! I'm a true LA girl at heart and could never see myself living in the OC... but I LOVE NB!!!
    I'm glad you fell in love with it too!

    We gotta meet up soon! ;D

  2. Sounds so beautiful. You should definitely rent a beach house every summer!!!!