Monday, June 1, 2009

Mind Dump

1. I think technology is turning on me. My first generation iPhone is about to bite the dust. It doesn't ring (only vibrates) and is apparently not showing me phone calls considering I've missed a few this weekend that I've never seen. It also decided to stop updating a few months ago.

Also, the internet has suddenly decided to be super slow and not let me load pages half the time. Grr.

2. Did anyone else watch the MTV Movie Awards last night, or am I the only tweeny-bopper still watching that trash? I thought Andy Samberg was hilarious and I loved the performance of his digital shorts. Hilarious if you ask me.

On, that note.. Is Kristen Stewart the most awkward person on the planet? Yes. I think she play's a great Bella because well, Bella is awkward, but come on girl, you looked ridiculous last night. Robert/Edward bugs the crap out of me and after further review I'm officially Team Jacob. Hello Taylor Lautner!

3. I went to Griffith Park again this weekend with some girlfriends and a bird pooped directly on my nose. It was disgusting and disturbing.

4. I have to work until "close" three nights this week. That means I'll be at work past midnight. Ew.

5. I also went to Ketchup on Sunset Blvd. So swanky, so Hollywood. Further review coming soon!


  1. Of coarse I watched the awards!!Kristen and Rob are both soo awkward, I kinda hate her! But I'm pretty excited for new moon!

  2. Team Jacob? I'm disapointed, Ali!

  3. For the record, I'm jealous you have any iPhone at all, even if it ain't workin'!

    I guess I'm "too old" to be into the MTV Movie Awards stuff. Might also be why I have no idea who half the people you mentioned in this post actually are.

    Sorry about the bird poo incident and working 'til close.

    Looking forward to your review on Ketchup!

  4. I added your blog to my page, I hope that's cool :)