Saturday, June 13, 2009

June Gloom

Greetings from LaLa Land. I'm here to tell you that it's not always sunny in Los Angeles. This is a recent discovery for me as we entered the time affectionately (or notsomuch) called June Gloom by fellow Angelenos. This is no joke, this month of gloom and I'm officially not a fan. Wikipedia, which I know ALWAYS tells me the truth (joking) says that the gloom is prevalent in many parts of the world where marine stratus clouds* are common and in certain seasons they blow ashore and create the gloomy weather.

So anyway, I'm sick of it and I want my sunny beach days back. I think Mother Nature reads the dear ole' bloggy and I hope that she hears my complaints.

For now.. I'll be dreaming of July..

*I may or may not have taken a class in college called Weather & Climate and I may or may not have gotten a D in said class, being why I may or may not know anything about clouds.


  1. I am sick of it, too! Especially since all my Ohio friends Twitter updates speak of being poolside. July needs to hurry up! :)

  2. I still wish I was in LA...NOWWWW!

  3. You promised that Weather and Climate would be an easy "A"...false. The assigned seats in a 200 person lecture hall should have been our first guess.

    If you were in my fifth grade class, you would know all the coulds because we studied them hardcore.

    Love you! -from your favorite school teacher

  4. Ali, I just tagged you with an award on my blog!