Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weekly Addictions

1. - admit it, you read it too. it's just so dang addictive!

2. reality TV including The Real World, The Bachelor, American Idol, The Hills, The City... wow I'm a mess.

3. One Tree Hill! (enough said - it's embarrassing!)

4. Designer jeans (I am an addict)

5. Forever 21 - it's so cheap it falls apart but most of the things I buy there are so trendy I can only wear them a few times anyway. I feel like I'm 15, but c'mon half of there stuff looks like the REAL thing!

(5 more addictions to come soon!)


  1. i was just thinking about the time today when we were watching the american idol finale last summer. and the winner is david.... and the recording ended. that was so funny. i am now addicted to this season too. :)

  2. i'm a real world fanatic too. can't help it. i've been this way for 10 + years. why stop now!? :)

  3. Totally agree.. esp. Forever. And even if you get two or three wears out of something, it ends up being worth it for the price you pay!