Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And the Oscar goes to..

I'm sorry to my loyal followers, I've been missing from LaLa Land for a few days! This weekend was my first Oscar Weekend in LA. Minus the annoying traffic problems (does Hollywood Blvd really have to be closed ALL week?! I mean c'mon, people!) it was very exciting to see the red carpet and Mr. Oscar all week!

So Sunday after church (which is located on Hollywood Blvd and offers free parking on Sundays -- a hot commodity in Hwood) we had lunch and decided to venture down the street to the red carpet. We ended up not being able to get very close, but the experience was a cool one. No celeb sightings to speak of at the Oscars, but in the pictures below you can see Mr. Oscar and the red carpet. Also, my stalking buddies Alex and Karla!

I loved the Oscars this year! I was happy with many of the big winners, especially Slumdog Millionaire & Kate Winslet in The Reader. I also really enjoyed the way they presented the best actor/actress nods with the previous winners. Did you enjoy?

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