Thursday, February 5, 2009


It's time for your friendly neighborhood celeb stalker to update you on her most recent celebs!

It's actually been a pretty boring as far as celeb sightings go recently, I haven't seen very many, but I also have not been doing much stalking. Except for a few nights ago when Peter and I randomly decided to walk to CVS at 9:00 pm because I needed medicine for my canker sore. (TMI?) As we were walking to CVS we passed Whole Foods which is the mecca for celebs grocery shopping. (Something about ridiculously overpriced foods must really get them going?) I mentioned to Peter "keep a look out, this is where they all shop." We passed the WF (I'm on a nickname basis) walked into CVS and who was the first person I spotted...

Only one of the best looking men on TV and my favorite actor from my favorite show... DAVE ANNABLE! If you don't watch Brother's & Sisters you may not even know who this handsome man is but let me tell you, he is even better looking in person. I really wanted to say hi but he was busy at the counter with his gorgeous girlfriend who looked kind of scary. Peter also commented that my face turned bright red and I was basically panting like a dog (ew!)

(How cute is that dog in the picture with Dave, we want an english bulldog so badly!)

I'll be sure to alert my loyal readers of my next celeb sighting. And I apologize if this was disappointing for all you non-B&S watchers out there.

P.S. (Did you notice I used parenthesis a lot in this post?)

P.P.S. Peter has seen a lot of random celebs lately just walking around, maybe I'll let him guest post if he's interested?

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  1. That is some serious eye candy! I (heart) B&S and have to say Justin is my fav! Thanks for sharing!