Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Girl's Guide to Movies

Remember when I told you I read the book? I loved the book. I liked the movie. The book and the movie do not go hand in hand. While a lot of things are similar there are very big parts of the movie that are different then the book. When I say big parts I mean like the ending and the point of the ENTIRE book. The fact that the ending and a bunch of other details are different than the book obviously bothered me. It didn't bother me enough to tell you that I didn't enjoy (and when I say enjoy I mean ball my eyes out) the movie. I really did like the movie, if you're looking for a good cry, well.. see this movie. I pretty much cried through the entire movie. I thought the actors were good representations of the characters in the book. If you never read the book, and you're a woman who likes to cry, you'll love this movie!

Girls Grade: B
(The boy did not see this movie but I don't think he would have given it a very good grade.)


  1. we just saw this last night and I balled through most of the whole movie! I haven't read the book but I thought it was a very good movie!

  2. I still have not taken the time to go see this.

  3. The preview alone made me weepy.

  4. I loved the book, and still have not seen the movie! Everyone that I have talked to says the same thing as you... they love the book and the movie was okay. Love your blog, by the way! Fabulous!