Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Biker Chic

Have I mentioned that we're a one car family? When we traveled across the country to move to LaLa Land we sold Peter's VW golf. We kept our VW passat but another car wasn't really in the cards for us at this point so Peter ended up buying an oldish motorcycle on craigslist. Yes, my husband is a biker dude (that wears converse tennis shoes and drives volkswagens) but nonetheless, a biker dude.

Anyway, Peter recently passed the motorcycle test and can now carry passengers on his bike. I've been wanting to ride on the bike but we hadn't gotten around to buying a helmet yet. On Saturday while I was at work my sweet husband went out and bought me the cutest, pinkest, most perfect helmet so I can ride the bike with him! I absolutely love it.

Although riding a motorcycle can be very dangerous you have my promise that Peter is an extremely safe driver. Riding a motorcycle in LA is extremely convenient -- it's easy to find parking, bypass traffic, and get around the city much quicker than in a car. Also, my pink helmet is awfully cute.


  1. how cute are you in your little pink helmet!

  2. how awesome! I am some a cheesepuff that I have always wanted a helmet with a snoopy aviator sticker on it. hope you have a great weekend!