Monday, July 13, 2009

Bullet Points

I'm super busy at work this week, so I think this is one of my only moments to blog. I'm going to try to fit a few things in. Maybe you'll get some bullet points. Let's see...
  • I had an incredibly lazy weekend. This was due to the fact that I had a migraine pretty much all weekend. I think said migraine came from lack of water in-take and a heat wave in So Cal. I was pretty miserable and spent a lot of the weekend sleeping.
  • Did I tell you guys that a got a Gucci bag at Crossroads for 35 dollars? Oh, well I did and she's beautiful.
  • I also don't think I've mentioned that I'm watching the Bachelorette this season (would you really expect anything less?) I obviously thought Wes was a tool. I was creeped out by the angry guy from Ohio (LOL) and I really loved Reid. I think I wanted Reid to win. Now, I don't really know what I want. I think I like Kypton. Maybe I don't. Did I mention I super bad at making decisions?
  • Lastly, I think searching for flights is one of the most annoying things in the world. How the heck do I actually find the best deal? Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you.
On that note, I'm heading to bed. I have to be at work super early in the morning. I'll leave you with a picture of my beautiful new home which I've grown to love oh so much..


  1. Sorry to hear about your migraine...I get them too and they are not fun!

    Beautiful view from your new place!

  2. 2 weeks before the flight date is always the best... I just got a ticket to NYC roundtrip for 145 which is pretty good in my opinion!

  3. aww, I loved Reid as well. He was so sweet to her.
    I don't think I like either one of the guys left. I'm sad she didn't chose Reid.

    Also, I've never heard of Crossroads. Is it used designer clothing ? Details please, I must go!!!

  4. I use You can negotiate your own prices there which is cool. I like it. Are you searching for a flight to come home for Lyndsay's wedding? I found a good one.

  5. I am totally with you about the bachelorette thing... I am so indecisive about who I want to win. I dont really LOVE any of them, to be honest. I think Ed's shorts last week were a bad choice!