Monday, July 6, 2009

Date Night

Tonight I had a great date with Peter. It left me smiling for hours.

My favorite "date" is not the normal, get dressed up, go out to dinner and a movie type date (but don't get me wrong, that's tons of fun too). My favorite date with Peter is make an early dinner at home, (tonight we had yummy baked chicken and green bean casserole) go for a walk at the park near our apartment, go to the mall that's across the street to spend a few hours at Barnes & Noble. We've been having dates at book stores ever since we first started dating. Our favorite thing to do is choose some books or magazines, find a couch, and settle in for some reading. We also enjoyed a Starbucks iced coffee and a yummy m&m blondie. Then we came home and lounged together doing separate things, together. That sounds like somewhat of an oxymoron but I love when I can feel close to my hubby even though I'm watching the Bachelorette and he's doing work on the computer or he's playing Tiger Wood's while I blog (what we're currently doing, haha). Tonight was comfortable and relaxed.

What's your favorite date night activity? I'd love some more cheap & fun alternatives to dinner & a movie!


  1. Sounds like a lovely evening! I agree that it's nice to spend time at home with my husband even if we're doing seperate things.

  2. work on a puzzle together! that's always fun!

  3. date nights are hard here without baby sitters. but recently we watched the sun set on the ocean, which was magical.