Thursday, July 9, 2009

Girl's Guide to Movies

I enjoy Johnny Depp & Christian Bale. What could go wrong in a movie with both of them in the lead roles? Well, a lot. I didn't really like this movie. Too much shooting, not enough story line, too many characters for me to ever figure out who's who. I did like the love story between Johnny and Billie. It's sweet, charming, and brings a little light into a movie that is mostly filled with dark, depressing scenes. Another part of the movie that is mildly entertaining is the humor that is brought in when the rob a bank. At the beginning you think the criminals are going to be funny, but they aren't. They're only funny when robbing a bank. Ironic. Throughout the movie I thought, "this must be a boy movie, I hope Peter's enjoying it" but it turns out he didn't like it very much either. Sadly, I wouldn't suggest seeing this movie.

Girl's Grade: D-
Boy's Grade: D

Movies I WOULD suggest seeing this summer: The Hangover, The Proposal, My Sister's Keeper, Away We Go, 500 Days of Summer (I'll be reviewing more of these films in the next few weeks!)


  1. There is no such thing as "too much shooting" in a movie.
    For more insight like that, read my new movie blog, so there is more than two people reading it...

  2. Sounds like this is one of the movies where they show all of the good parts in the previews so once you actually see it, you feel like you already viewed it.

    The Hangover is the best movie ever! I've already seen it several times. Loved The Proposal and My Sister's Keeper. The other two are on my list to see...