Tuesday, January 6, 2009


No, I'm not talking about the color, I'm talking about the hot dog! Pink's Hot Dog is a famous hot dog stand on La Brea Blvd. in West Hollywood. Pink's has been around for almost 60 years and constantly has a huge line outside. We've driven by a few times and thought "it must be pretty good if there's always such a long line." Well, as I mentioned earlier my mom was in town, we were being touristy so we actually waited more than 1 hour for hot dogs.

Was it worth it? Yes.
Would I wait an hour again? No.
Would I eat it again if there was no line? Yes.

I drove by Pink this morning at 9:30 and there was no line. If you like hot dogs for breakfast I recommend visiting early!


  1. as a matter of fact.. i DO like hot dogs for breakfast.... some times ;) lol. at first i thought you were talking about the singer. so how does pink compare to tony packo's?

  2. Hey - thanks for finding/posting on my blog! Welcome to LA -- looks like you're seeing all the good sites! KIT!