Friday, January 23, 2009

Guilty Pleasures!

My number one guilty pleasure TV show is... The Bachelor! If you're watching it this season you know that it is oh so dramatic and ridiculous. I loved Jason last season on the Bachelorette and thought Deanna was an idiot for picking Jesse instead. Apparently, by the looks of what's to come on this season, she thinks she was an idiot too once her and Jesse broke off their "engagement."

So, who else watches it? Do you all love Jason too? Who's your favorite and least favorite lady?

I love Jillian and Melissa and really dislike Megan and psycho Shannon. I also thought the date with Stephanie was very sweet and she is a great woman, but I don't necessarily think he'll pick her. I just hope he doesn't lead her on for too long because she would for sure be heartbroken.

I apologize for the ridiculousness of this post, the fact that is has nothing to do with life in LA, and that it's completely girly.. but I LOVE this show!


  1. um, ok! i LOVE the batch!!! and have watched it for several seasons!! and yes, i love jilly and mel (i'm on a nickname basis, haha jk) we'll fo sho have to talk about this tonight in bev hills ;) can't wait!

  2. Those are my two favorite girls, too! Gosh, Al, why do we have to be so much alike??