Wednesday, January 7, 2009


One of the most exciting parts for me about moving to Los Angeles was the possibility of celeb sightings. I arrived in LA with high hopes of seeing celebrities daily. After living here for a few weeks I've found that daily sightings are not entirely true, but I do see many celebrities living in Hollywood! The most exciting celebrity I've seen so far is Adam Sandler. Christie, Bryan, and I were shopping at The Grove (my home away from home) and we saw Adam Sandler sitting on a bench! A few minutes later we ran into Kate Flannery who is an actress that plays Meredith on The Office, one of our favorite shows. Kate is as awesome and hilarious in real life as she is on The Office.

Now, to be very honest about my celebrity spotting abilities, I am not very good at it! I get caught up in my own business and forget to look. Peter is a people-watcher and spots them all! He's spotted a lot of MTV stars recently; Brandy, Angela Simmons, Tila Tequila, and Flava-Flav all in the past few days! As I mentioned earlier, Peter actually had a conversation with Flav in the bathroom of LAX. Everything Flava-Flav said was a little to R-rated for this blog! We've been laughing about this conversation for a few days now.

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