Monday, August 24, 2009


I'm sitting at my computer trying to write about our trip to Ohio but I've deleted my work 4 times now. I simply don't know how to put it into words, not because it was so amazing and not because it was horrible it was just..

Are we happy in Ohio? Yes, it's home, we know it and the people there like the back of our hands. On the flip side, are we happy in LA? Yes! It's exciting, new, adventure, we don't know what each day will bring us. We are honestly happy in both places.

We were asked countless times, "how long are you going to be in California?" or "are you ever coming back to Ohio?" We have no answer for these questions.

If we were still in Ohio we would be buying a house, starting a family, working comfortable jobs and while all that sounds very appealing that is simply not where we are right now. We're still soaring through the opportunities, enjoying our youth, and exploring each new turn in California. Sure, we've broken down a few times and had a few "what the hell were we thinking" moments but we have also made new friends, tried new things, found ourselves outside our comfort zone, and discovered new paths. We've also learned how very important it is to be best friends. No one understands me like Peter, and that's because we've experienced this journey together.

I had a great week in Ohio, I love my friends, family, and the simpler (and much less expensive) life of Ohio. But ultimately I'm happy to be back to our new home in California and excited to see what comes next.

(If you made it to the end of this rambling post I applaud you, I know I don't usually talk about serious stuff on here, but it was what I needed today. You deserve a chocolate chip cookie.)


  1. I think you concluded with the idea that it's all about the journey ... now, where's my chocolate chip cookie?

  2. when are we going to meet up in person???

  3. I agree with you about being in California - or really anywhere. The adventure is so worth it, even if you miss home...we are soooo pulling for Chicago. When will that happen?! Ugh. And let's face it, we are NOT ready to have kiddos, Al Gal. Even being in Ohio, I can tell you...absolutely not!