Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our First Christmas

Peter and I celebrated our first Christmas has a married couple this year. Christmas is special to us, for the obvious reasons of it being the best holiday of the year, but also because Christmas Day is when Peter popped the questions and I said YES! Since we only arrived in LA three weeks ago and Peter just started his new job, flying home for Christmas was not really an option for us this year. So we decided our first Christmas would be a memorable one and we would celebrate it, just the two of us in our tiny Hollywood apartment. Peter had to work Christmas Eve so I slaved (read: watched TV, shopped, and cooked a little) in the kitchen all day. Now if I do say so myself I created a delicious Christmas Eve meal of turkey, cheesy potatoes (my favorite!) green been casserole, and roles. We enjoyed a bottle of pinot and an apple pie for desert. We watched Love Actually and went to bed early in hopes that Santa would arrive while we were sleeping! Christmas morning we woke up and opened presents from each other and one's sent from relatives in Ohio and enjoyed eggs and bacon for breakfast. We relaxed all day, saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (amazing!) and went to LAX to pick up my mom where we spotted Flava-Flav and Peter had a very animated conversation with him which I will post about soon.

All in all I would say our first Christmas was a success. Despite feeling a little lonely on Christmas Eve we made the best of it, started new traditions as a family, and enjoyed some quality time as Mr. and Mrs. I hope your holiday was just as relaxing and joyful as ours.

P.S. It was cold and rainy in LA. So cold that we could see our breath. We don't like that Mr. Weather Man, we like SoCal to be disgustingly sunny and warm, so thank you for making that happen this week.

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